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I have a ton of incredible recollections making popcorn balls. Bunches of tacky fingers and my Mom complaining at us for eating everything before it very well may be shaped into balls. It's something we appreciate making each Christmas season!



01 Step

Line a cupcake pan with cupcake liners. Set aside.

02 Step

Spread butter onto a large baking sheet (or use cooking spray.)

03 Step

Pour popped popcorn onto prepared baking sheet, spread it out evenly.

04 Step

In a medium saucepan, over medium heat, melt one tablespoon butter and add marshmallows.

05 Step

Stir constantly until it is all melted (approximately 5 minutes). Once the marshmallow mixture is all melted, add hot chocolate powder. Mix well.

06 Step

Pour the marshmallow mixture evenly over the popcorn. With a spatula coat popcorn with the marshmallow mixture. Add the sprinkles

07 Step

Once it cools down enough for you to handle with your hands, it is time to shape the popcorn balls. I used a big ice cream scoop (3 tablespoons).

08 Step

Scoop the popcorn out, roll in your hands and put each one in cupcake liner (or wrap in plastic wrap).


Covering the heating sheet with spread guarantees the marshmallow blend will not adhere to the base. While framing the popcorn balls, I can join what didn't adhere straightforwardly to the popcorn. You can absolutely blend the liquefied marshmallows and popcorn in a truly huge bowl. I simply favor utilizing the treat sheet as it is simpler to pour the marshmallow combination as equitably as conceivable on the popcorn. These popcorn balls don't need to be set in cupcake liners. They can be exclusively enclosed by plastic. I typically pop some popcorn on the burner (utilizing ¼ cup popcorn parts) so that it's plain with no other flavor. Nonetheless, microwave popcorn can be utilized (around 2-3 sacks), simply ensure it is plain or delicately salted if that is everything you can discover. The hot cocoa powder is totally discretionary in this. I think it adds extraordinary flavor so check it out!

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I started cooking as a child. My parents both worked full time and we always had a houskeeper who cleaned and looked after me and my brother. When I was 12 years old, I asked my mother if I could cook supper every night instead of the housekeeper. She agreed. She even let me make the grocery list and do the shopping - she just signed the check! Never a chore, that was the start of a hobby I am passionate about. Now, I am very confident in the kitchen and love to entertain



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