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If you love spiked coffee drinks then you will adore this Old-Fashioned Irish Coffee. With minimal ingredients and time, this makes the perfect adult beverage recipe! I love coffee. It is one of the things that I need to start my day but it doesn't just have to be reserved for mornings. That is where this Old-Fashioned Irish Coffee comes into play! With only 4 ingredients and minutes to put together, this is a fun and flavorful spiked drink that you will come to love. This is one of my favorite after-dinner drinks. If you are looking for a delicious adult beverage, then you need to try my Old-Fashioned Irish Coffee recipe!



01 Step

Take two heat resistant glasses and add 1 teaspoon of sugar into each one.

02 Step

Add 2 tablespoons of whisky into each glass and stir until the sugar has dissolved almost completely.

03 Step

Divide the hot coffee between the two glasses and pour the whipped cream over a spoon onto the coffee.

04 Step

Enjoy while still warm.


Traditionally, Jameson whiskey is used in this drink but you can use any other milder Irish whiskey that you like.The heavy cream has been thickened some. I do this by gently whipping it with a hand mixer until it becomes thicker. Alternatively, you could just mix in some cool whip to it as well.Pouring it over the spoon helps to avoid the cream sinking down into the coffee (but not necessary.)You can drink this as-is or mix the cream into the drink itself. There is no right or wrong on how you want to drink this.If you want it even more authentic, heat up the whiskey with the sugar until the sugar has dissolved. Don't bring to a boil, so the alcohol doesn't boil away. This gives it more of a caramel flavor.Use any coffee that you love. I prefer to not use flavored coffee but if you want a little more flavor to this drink you can absolutely use your favorite flavored coffee. If you're sensitive to caffeine then try a decaffeinated coffee with this recipe.

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