Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )



Why do I buy recipes on Amateur Recipes without searching or visiting pages that share free recipes online, or simply buy a cookbook?

- We still have lots of free recipes for you!

- Each recipe has been rigorously tested, creating value for them.

- Buying recipes is a big part of support for other chefs and yourself who are serious and responsible with their recipes, and they also have lots of amazing unique recipes.

- We try to build the experience as if you are using a cookbook - You can add your own notes to your saved recipes, bookmark recipes as done.

- You can sell the recipe too,if it's quality and surpasses approved.

- The moderators will work very hard to ensure that the recipe reaches your hand always quality.

Can I save images on the recipe I have purchased / saved?

- Fully for your personal use,we don't accept your use for commercial purposes unless you purchase the enhanced.


If I find someone else using my recipe / copying and frying someone else's recipe posted on Amateur Recipes,what should I do?

- Report them to AmateurRecipes, we will review and resolve as quickly as possible.


Can I buy and sell on the sameaccount?

-           Certainly yes.


Is my Recipe safe on Amateur Recipes?

- Copyright Infringement protectyour photos and videos.The copyright to the images belong to the photographer. We are merely selling themfor you as extended.

- We do not sell your identity, recipes, images, or videos to third parties without your consent.

- Unfortunately copyright infringement does not protect people-created recipes but your recipes are safe on Amateur Recipes, your images and videos belong to AmateurRecipes and will have the AmateurRecipes logo attached.

- We will help you out if you want to sue someone for unauthorized use of your photos and videos.