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About us




Many housewives who have had their own recipes, created or inherited by them, really want to share with more friends, but have no economic and technical conditions to publish or share these recipes on a large platform.

Amateur Recipes was established to create a place where people can feel comfortable to share recipes that you consider your own secrets that more people have access to. Amateur Recipes helps people access formulas that are kept private to you, and in addition,create a source of passive income.

Each recipe you buy can contribute to an income support for a mother or a grandmother to improve their life. Then they can use that money to develop more new recipes.That is a big motivation!

And don't worry if you just want to share your recipes, we have a  free sharing option if you don't want to sell it.

If you want to approach many high quality, attractive and unique recipes,

If you want to share the recipe or sell it,

Come to Amateur Recipes and join us in building a community!

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